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Looking for my
light and way to transform pain into purpose.


Who am I

The way out is in.

I am a spiritual storyteller at my poetic core. I love love and know love is the key to transform suffering into serenity. 

Our lives are filled with stories that explore the swing from suffering to serenity and back again and our true self is uncovered when we are present enough to grow through it all with love. 

I am currently a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Analyst by day and in no way is that all I do. 

I am also a Mystic and Tarot Reader, Reiki Practitioner, Guided Meditation Coach, Ordained Minister, student of life and whatever else I feel like being the present moment.

Through my life coaching practice, Key Transformations,, I guide women back to their true selves and through their unique journey to find their purpose. The Key Transformations podcast and Youtube channel launches early 2022.

I am a motivational speaker and mentor, podcast host and writing coach. Through my podcast Inside Stories, I share my curiosity and love of storytelling. 

INFJ & Scorpio (if you know you know)

BLACK WOMAN all day every day.

Mystic   Writer 
Reiki Master & Energy Healer 

 Meditation Coach   Podcast Host

Life Coach    Tarot Reader  DEI Practitioner  

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New Key Transformations 

Podcast & YouTube

Doing extrovert stuff  

Me in the Media 

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Look-I wrote a chapter in this awesome book!

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