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light illuminating 
transformation of pain into purpose.
Star Formation
Welcome to my pocket of the universe 

Through self-inquiry and love, I guide souls to transforming their pain into personal power and find their life's purpose.

I am a spiritual storyteller at my poetic core. I love LOVE and believe love is the key to transform suffering into serenity. I also believe the key to ascension and enlightenment is awareness and self knowledge. Love, self awareness and meditation has helped me heal and unlock my magic. This space here is an exploration and call of spirit to share my journey with you. 

My offerings through Key Transformations, include reiki & kemetic energy balancing, divine sound baths, divination readings, yoga & meditation coaching and life coaching when spirit moves me to. This space will also serve as a platform to share my love of story and creative works. 

I'm here for holistic healing and love and learning from life's lessons and clearing the way for all endless blessings. This space is for sharing what I learn, what I write or whatever I feel like. This space is my offering to share my gifts with souls aligned with highest good. 

If you're here it's no accident, there's something of love waiting here for you to discover. Your soul led you here for a purpose. Be still here, explore, learn, grow and help spread the spread of harmony. You are here to expand this pocket of the universe by starting with finding your own personal keys to transforming love and self mastery in your life.

May all energy exchanged here be for the benefit of all sentient beings. 

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