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My personal grow through it reading for January

I love tarot!

There are many different divination tools and they each have a time and place. Each reader will use these divinations tools differently too. The path to finding one that works for you is a pretty fun exploratory journey but it's so well worth it when you find one that fits. Tarot has been one that I discovered, well my first deck found me over 22 years ago and is still with me, but it fits and feels most naturally a vehicle for my mind to connect to my intuition and spirit.

I regularly do my own readings and from time to time I will share some of them here with you.

This month I am trying a new "grow through it" reading to guide me to be aware of self care and internal work I can focus on to help me heal and connect deeper with my higher self.

I'm playing with the oracle decks. These are super fun in readings when added to the traditional tarot cards.

Side note- like books I probably have way too many tarot and oracle decks and I shouldn't buy anymore but look, if you spot any that have folks of color, gone 'head and slide me a message so I can buy it.


Make an altar. I've been in a nesting mood. Beyond the regular Black folks traditional clean your house for New Years, cleaning mood. I've also felt like I need to do better with my current altar (keeping it clean and really doing my offerings- for real) and had a thought a couple of days ago to maybe create another one in the living room and boom I get the make an altar card. Done!

Drink tea. I already do that a lot but have going heavy on the coffee lately. It's been one of the few opportunities to drive somewhere and talk to a real human, not a computer screen. My janky tea kettle broke over the weekend so I guess a trip to Target is in order-yea!! Guess it's back to tea tho. Done.

Emotional Energy. Not surprised. I literally just wrote a section last night for my book talking about me being an empath and learning the hard way to embrace my emotions and listen to them. Still learning. I am not the best with this and I'm always working on this aspect of myself. Last year I studied emotional intelligence and got certified to be an emotional intelligence practitioner just because I am learning how vital this aspect of self regulation is and how poorly we are conditioned to express and handle our emotions and it's energy. Especially as Black folks (especially especially as women) our survival is depended on how well we suppress and invalidate our emotions because well, white supremacy and us Black folk are so scary and always angry for no reason. (sarcasm if you don't know me- not the white supremacy part tho) Emotions are energy in motion so that motion has to go somewhere. We can't let it properly out so it goes inward and over time does nasty things to our body and mind and eventually is passed on genetically like freckles or a big butt and is expressed in unhealthy ways and unhealthy survival mechanisms we chop up to just being our culture. It's not Ted Talk time so I digress but even knowing the importance of using your emotions and observing them and not letting them use you and change you-I struggle. And just scrolling my social media feeds I know I am not the only one struggling especially during quarantine. So keep working at it, spirit says. Done.Well I guess, doing and continue doing.

My "get yo' life" deck (as I call it) that yes, has curse words, is so freaking awesome and so ME. Spirit is straight up reminding me chill tf out and let it flow. Stop trying to plan everything! Now, the way my anxiety is set up...this one will be a challenge. Not that I enjoy worrying but how does one even not worry, right? I love my sticky notes and lists and strategy so ya'll asking a lot in a month when I am literally trying to plan and map out all this. LOL but ya'll say let it come to me so that I will do. Chill. Done-well I will try my best. Maybe I'll put that reminder on a sticky note.

So that's my personal Janurary grow through it reading. Hope you enjoyed it and found relevance for yourself.

I can't wait to use these cards in your reading!

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