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Welcome to my pocket of the universe!

Updated: Jan 21, 2022

It's 2022 and I am trying something new ya'll! I am getting outside my introvert comfort zone and sharing parts of my journey. My spiritual self mastery journey, my healing journey, my finally get my ass in the chair and write these books journey. So welcome, to my pocket of the universe. Welcome to Key Transformations!

I'm rolling into this year with a soft pop. I began my YouTube Channel! Check it out and share your feedback and insights with me. Subscribe, like and share with those you feel would benefit most.

I also launched a second podcast-yes second one. If you don't already know, Jen Rubin and I have a dope ass podcast about story telling called Inside Stories. For the second one I decided to let my Mystic side out into the world. I'm sharing the parts of me that are deeply connected to spirit/soul/God/Universe and embracing my master teacher energy (my numerology life path number is 22). The Key Transformations Podcast will explore all the things I am learning and growing through. Click on over to the Key Transformations tab above to listen to episode 1 and 2. They are also available on the podcast streaming services soon.

For now, I'll post once a month but you will have plenty to contemplate and explore on your own between episodes so don't be shy, share all the goodies you take away and the things you will learn as you explore your own journey of healing and self mastery. We will all grow through this thing called life together.


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